Charities We Work With

Each of the three charities we donate to serve to meet one or more of the steps towards women’s equality outlined by the UN Women strategic plan on women’s rights. As outlined by the UN, the pathways to equality include leadership and participation, economic empowerment, ending violence against women, and peace and security. We understand that people may be brought to our page for different reasons so we like to give you the option to choose which charity you would like to donate to. If you have no preference, the donation will be doled out in equal parts to all 3. 

Vital Voices 

Vital Voices works to equip women and girls with the leadership skills and resources needed to participate in governmental and policy making roles. Globally, women occupy just 18% of governmental positions.  Often times, the challenges women face are not even being considered by legislative bodies. Vital Voices enables women to have an equal voice in the laws that seek to govern their own rights. Not only does Vital Voices work to create more female leaders around the globe, they empower women to have a voice in the peace discussions which is the 4th principle outlined by the UN.  Donate directly here

Malala Foundation 

Because economic security is the 2nd biggest issue women and girls face globally, donating to a organization that works to improve access to education is important. The Malala Fund works to solve problems that normally would prevent women and girls from receiving an education.  By improving women’s and girls access to education, women are girls are able to seek employment opportunities that would help them achieve financial stability and independence. If you're looking for more info or wish to donate directly, click here.


Unfortunately, violence of all forms, consistently hinders women’s equality. For many women, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or Sexual violence act as constant barriers to independence and by extension equality. 1 in 4 women will experience IPV and 1 in 5 will be sexually abused. We do not wish to point to the statistic callously. This kind of violence prevents stability and independent, acting as a major issue preventing equality. Check out the amazing work FuturesWithoutViolence is doing. Donate directly here.