Our Story

LADYUP developed out of an uncomfortable feeling that the conversations I was having about equality stopped at the waters edge of equal pay or women’s rights. Rarely did these conversations extend into how to achieve these things. LADYUP is meant to bridge the gap between the what and the how by working with groups that are effectively improving the conditions of women and girls around the globe. By donating 50% of our profits to the groups improving the lives of women and girls globally,  LADYUP acts an avenue to change. We reference the UN Women charter on women’s rights to guide us through effective change. Check out the charities were working with here.


Non Ducor, Duco. I am not lead, I lead.

The actual phrasing LADY-UP feels fairly obvious.  The strongest individuals I have ever known have always been women. The concept of man-ing up did not seem to fit these role models; they did not exist in a world fit for only men. I believe that we, as a global community, must embrace the unadulterated power of women and LADYUP. We, as a brand, wish to encourage you to embrace the qualities that define you as a woman and a leader.

We invite you to come and collaborate with us as we try and spread our message around the globe.  

 --Kiersten Hileman, Founder and CEO