Our Story


     LadyUP is our idea, our mantra, our message, our inspiration and so too, it became our brand.The name of the brand came to be as I trained for a half marathon. I was running daily to help cope with anxiety. As the distances grew l—o—n—g—e—r, so did my understanding of what it meant to la · dy · up. By running not away, and instead, head on towards my anxiety, I was ladying up! I was embracing the qualities that make me who I am: my anxiety, my fear, my worries, my strength, my courage, my resolve and most importantly, my femininity.

      I firmly believe that women are, and unfortunately continue to be, the worlds most underutilized resources. I believe that we, as a global community, must embrace the unadulterated power of women and their convictions.We are here to encourage you to embrace the qualities that define you and not to be restricted by the standards or notions or expectations held by those around you. To demonstrate our commitment to furthering the welfare of women globally, 5% of our profits will be donated to the Let Girls Learn Foundation.

    In addition, we will also donate a portion of profits to the NoStigmas Charity. This organization looks to help combat the stigma of mental health disorders as well as create peer support groups to help people those who may be struggling with mental health issues.


We invite you to come and collaborate with us as we try and spread our message around the globe.  

 --Kiersten Hileman, Founder and CEO